Manufacture products more efficiently

Backed by deep experience and expertise, the Logicalis Manufacturing Practice helps manufacturers transform how they make and deliver products. We help make workers safer, factories more efficient, and downtime less costly.

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Logicalis Manufacturing Offerings

We deliver the end-to-end manufacturing solutions—predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, asset and supplies controls, operational tests monitoring, workforce automation and others—needed to drive business growth.

    With sensors becoming less expensive and wireless networks the norm, machine learning and deep learning provide more cost-effective analyses so you can predict—and prevent—machine failure.

    • Quickly detect point of failure
    • Improve operating efficiency
    • Eliminate unnecessary downtime
    • Save on unnecessary repairs/replacement
    • Ensure worker safety
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    With greater processing power, video cameras can host an increasing array of analytics functions to detect anomalies, monitor resource functioning and identify atypical behaviors of people and machines.

    • Increase efficiency
    • Prevent accidents
    • Reduce downtime
    • Better control quality
    • Lower incidents of theft
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    Enable real-time remote monitoring of machine performance to glean valuable insights into machine performance, process inefficiencies and other potential risks.

    • Identify bottlenecks
    • Monitor production performance
    • Monitor machine health
    • Prevent accidents
    • Enable predictive maintenance
    Woman wearing safety glasses holding a tablet monitoring an assembly line

    The integration of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is the cornerstone of Industry 4.0—or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)—and the basis for business growth.

    • Lower production costs
    • Increase process efficiencies
    • Improve interoperability
    • Better achieve compliance
    Man holding device looking closely at an automated robotic arm

    Seamlessly connect machines, devices and people—what we know as IoT—to transform your manufacturing business, giving leaders the ability to monitor and act upon increasing available data.

    • Reduce time to repair (MTTR)
    • Enable worker mobility
    • Increase responsiveness and awareness
    • Improve productivity
    • Ensure worker safety
    Robotic arm in factory

    Protect your company against loss, injury, theft, damage and other risks with a proactive, comprehensive security strategy that includes emergency alerts, device monitoring, facial recognition and wayfinding.

    • Reduce downtime/accidents
    • Comply with standards/regulations
    • Enable emergency wayfinding
    • Lower risk of cyberattack
    • Improve worker safety
    Security camera mounted on an office ceiling

    Automate the tracking and monitoring of the location, condition, state, and utilization of connected assets throughout the supply chain.

    • Improve inventory control
    • Better plan resources
    • Ensure cost predictability
    • Minimize waste
    • Optimize maintenance schedules/processes
    Handheld scanner scanning a barcode on a package label

    Optimize energy consumption with sensors for real-time facilities management, full visibility into energy used by devices, machines and other things and predictive analytics on contracted and consumed energy.

    • Optimize systems
    • Improve sustainability
    • Increase energy efficiency
    • Clean up the environment
    • Lower energy expenses
    Man wearing a safety vest holding a tablet squatting down over solar panels

    Automate logistics to safely create higher quality products so you can grow your business and retain your competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

    • Increase production rates
    • Improve productivity
    • Standardize logistics flow (handling, replacement, storage)
    • Improve worker safety
    • Build better quality products
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    Services expertise

    At Logicalis, our goal is to help you do what you do best: run your business. So we focus on what you want to accomplish, not on what we have to sell. Choose which of our capabilities suits your needs from the lists below.

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    Logicalis Professional Services

    Our highly trained and experienced technical consultants and engineers provide a wide range of professional services built on industry best practices to reduce risk. Services include:

    • Planning and assessment
    • Design
    • Acquisition
    • Configuration and integration
    • Deployment and migration
    • Management and operation
    • Knowledge transfer
    • Asset disposal

    Logicalis Managed Services

    We use a common service delivery framework to deliver our Managed Services capabilities on a global scale. In other words, we can support your organization wherever it chooses to operate with the same high standards.

    • Mature incident, problem and change management processes
    • Monitoring and management
    • Experienced engineers
    • Business intelligence data
    • ITSM tool set
    • Process resolutions and automation workflows
    • Service Delivery Manager
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    Why Logicalis?

    Long-term partnerships

    We advocate on behalf of our customers with some of the world’s leading technology providers; we also rely on a full complement of specialty partners.

    Services expertise

    We offer end-to-end services—from professional, advisory, and consulting services to managed services—to ensure our customers succeed.

    Committed to customer success

    We improve the value that customers receive from our solutions and services and believe that our business will grow when we help their business grow.

    Award-winning solutions

    CRN 2022 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 Elite 150

    #10 on Channel Futures 11th annual MSP 501 Worldwide

    Cisco America's 2019 Security Partner of the Year

    We focus on what you want to accomplish, not on what we have to sell. Get in contact with us today.