Private 5G

Unleash the full potential of your network

With Private 5G organizations can scale to drive efficiency and automation delivering customized use cases to meet their industry challenges.

Unlock innovation and competitive advantage at scale with Private 5G.

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Private 5G - A new kind of networking

Private 5G represents a paradigm shift in connectivity, offering unprecedented control, security and performance to drive innovation and deliver new, value-added services. It’s already revolutionising industries and unleashing the full potential of emerging technologies.

Scalability and adaptability

Managed Private 5G is a flexible solution that can easily expand alongside your evolving needs. We have the capability to adjust resources and capacity according to changing demands, ensuring seamless scalability for your business requirements.

High-speed connectivity with minimal delay

With its ability to deliver ultra-low latency and high data transfer rates, managed Private 5G is perfectly suited for real-time applications. This opens up new possibilities and greatly enhances the overall user experience.

Catalyst for digital transformation

Private 5G networks serve as enablers for digital transformation, empowering you to embrace emerging technologies and innovative applications that drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Global connectivity in remote locations

Private 5G networks provide reliable and fast internet access in areas where public network coverage is limited or non-existent. This fosters economic development by facilitating connectivity where it was previously challenging.

Campus networks powered by 5G

Universities, business parks, and large facilities benefit from private 5G networks that support cutting-edge research, development, and collaboration.

Sustainable solutions

Private 5G can help drive your sustainability agenda by providing solutions that are more energy efficient helping you reduce your environmental impact and drive your ESG agenda.

Intelligent Connectivity is Cisco powered, check out our specializations, awards and partnership with Cisco.

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Partner with a global leader

At Logicalis we leverage our unparalleled Cisco networking expertise, award winning managed services, and a cutting-edge ecosystem of carrier services to provide businesses worldwide with a subscription-based Managed Private 5G solution, seamlessly integrated with Cisco's advanced networking and security technologies.

  • Our service-based approach ensures that organisations can enjoy the advantages of a private 5G network without incurring significant upfront capital expenditure (CapEx).
  • By leveraging Logicalis' Private Network Services, businesses can enhance overall connectivity, addressing concerns related to reliability, security, bandwidth, and availability ideal for distributed operations or IoT-heavy environments.
  • This state-of-the-art communication technology is designed to meet your specific business requirements, we provide round-the-clock support and delivery as a service. Built on well-established standards, it guarantees high-performance solutions tailored to your business needs.

Private 5G use cases

Manufacturing and Industrial IoT

  • Quickly rearrange factory floors
  • Improve worker safety & product quality metrics
  • Collaborate reliably and in real time across factory floors

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Logistics and Distribution

  • Improve supply chain efficacy with real-time asset and inventory tracking
  • Drive higher margins with better loss prevention

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  • Better security via wireless cameras and sensors.
  • Enhance Wi-Fi services using 5G for wireless backhaul.
  • Provide extraordinary patient experience on premises.

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Private 5G use cases

State and Local Government

  • Enable end-to-end smart grid infrastructure management.
  • Fully automate smart meter reading.
  • Provide secure and reliable field worker communications. 

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Higher Education

  • Increase on-campus safety for students and faculty.
  • Create an academic environment where research and innovation thrive.
  • Connect edge and off-campus support services and programs 

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Oil and Gas

  • Reliable vehicle control over large areas.
  • Enhance worker safety.
  • Improve profitability with automated asset tracking and management. 

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Private 5G Networks from Logicalis+Cisco

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Take the 5G lifecycle journey with Logicalis

Get control over your 5G mobile devices and costs with a private 5G network service using Logicalis’ proven three-step approach:

Step 1: Align

Logicalis will conduct a Connectivity Assessment to evaluate your network readiness and determine your capabilities—including a gap analysis and Private 5G network service roadmap.

Step 2: Transform

Logicalis will assess your Private 5G network against a best-practice benchmark score to ensure adoption and productivity at speed.

Step 3: Scale

Logicalis will provide ongoing managed support—including SLA management, 24/7 support, RMA management, solution integration and optimization, spectrum application, end-user portal, transport network managed service.

Can your organization benefit from a managed, private 5G network?

Our Connectivity Assessment takes less than two weeks and provides accurate costs and timeframes to see if you have what it takes for a private 5G network service.

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