Private Network Services for 4G/5G

Take back your mobile network.

Overcome Wi-Fi reliability issues and control mobile costs with a private 5G network service.

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What's going on in the market?

44% of corporate telecommunications decision-makers plan to create private 5G networks
35% of total worldwide private LTE/5G spending will be from the manufacturing sector
32% of total worldwide spending on private LTE/5G will be from the mining, oil and gas sector
48% put “better connectivity” at the top of their wish lists to enhance employee experience

Take the 5G lifecycle journey with Logicalis

Get control over your 5G mobile devices and costs with a private 5G network service using Logicalis’ proven three-step approach:

Step 1: Align

Logicalis will conduct a Connectivity Assessment to evaluate your network readiness and determine your capabilities—including a gap analysis and Private 5G network service roadmap.

Step 2: Transform

Logicalis will assess your Private 5G network against a best-practice benchmark score to ensure adoption and productivity at speed.

Step 3: Scale

Logicalis will provide ongoing managed support—including SLA management, 24/7 support, RMA management, solution integration and optimization, spectrum application, end-user portal, transport network managed service.

Can your organization benefit from a managed, private 5G network?

Our Connectivity Assessment takes less than two weeks and provides accurate costs and timeframes to see if you have what it takes for a private 5G network service.

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