We are Architects of Change

We help customers succeed in a digital-first world.

At Logicalis, we harness our collective technology expertise to help our clients build a blueprint for success, so they can deliver sustainable outcomes that matter.

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Our targeted solutions enable business for the digital-first world

Optimize operations

Set a secure digital foundation for agility and responsiveness

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Empower employees

Build a digital workplace for the future and empower your employees.

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Reduce risk

Balance risk and innovation in the digital-first world

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Sustainable IT

Implement sustainable IT practices to benefit your organization and contribute to a greener future.

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We're an award-winning solution provider

We're certified! Logicalis is a Great Place to Work!

“I continue to be in awe of the endlessly talented and hard-working people that I am privileged to lead every day. Their dedication to our core values as Architects of Change™, such as inclusion, collaboration and innovation, are what make us a Great Place to Work. We are honored to have received this recognition for a second time.” — Jon Groves, CEO of Logicalis US

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CIO Report

Our lifecycle services approach

Our solutions are designed to take you on a journey using a tried, tested and repeatable framework. Starting with an assessment through to a managed service, that helps you to continually optimize at scale.

Align Services

Create a transformation blueprint that aligns IT, security and the business.

Transform services

Implement a secure platform for future innovation.

Scale services

Continually optimize and innovate at scale with managed services.

Driving sustainability as Architects of Change

Our responsible business agenda recognizes that sustainability and acting responsibly is part of the fabric of who we are and how we do business.

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Orchestrating transformation around the world

Through our dedicated global team, we help companies around the world orchestrate their digital transformation ambitions, so they can thrive in an ever-evolving world.

104 Offices
7000+ Employees
30 Territories
10000+ Customers

Navigate an ever-evolving market and turn uncertainty into success. 
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