Logicalis US Announces New Managed Video Collaboration Service

Solution Provider Also Unveils Complementary Videoconference Event Support

NEW YORK, March 29, 2016 – Video collaboration has become a staple in today’s modern business world.  It saves time and travel expenses, enhances productivity and facilitates deeper levels of communication within an organization as well as externally with partners and customers – as long as it works properly.  While video has become a must-have business tool, its use has placed strict demands on the underlying infrastructure. Transmission delays, packet loss, storage issues, and bandwidth capacity can all adversely affect video quality and frustrate users. To help, Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (www.us.logicalis.com), today announced a  Managed Unified Communications and Video Collaboration service designed to ensure enterprise video collaboration systems perform optimally and to relieve internal IT staff from the burden of monitoring, managing, and maintenance tasks required to deliver the smooth service corporate users need and expect from these important collaboration tools.

“As businesses begin to rely more heavily on video for competitive advantage, this kind of collaboration quickly becomes a critical resource for them,” says David Leech, Vice President of Cloud and Managed Services, Logicalis US.  “Most IT pros can imagine themselves as the person held responsible for the CEO’s companywide videoconference that failed – a position they’d like to avoid. With Logicalis’ new Managed Video Collaboration service, we can monitor, troubleshoot and maintain the video collaboration environment on our clients’ behalf.  Our reporting allows us to see all the way down to the solution’s end points, so if there is an issue – whether it’s a resource issue on the network or a quality-of-service issue – we can address it proactively before it causes a problem. And because we have considerable experience in this area, we can also assist with moves, adds or changes of even the most complicated video collaboration equipment.”

Four Reasons to Consider Managed Video Collaboration

  1. Management of End Point Devices: Video collaboration systems have their own underlying hardware and end points which need an advanced level of knowledge to maintain. End-point devices must be properly configured, monitored and managed so they can correctly interact with the rest of the video collaboration solution.  By outsourcing this management, internal IT staff are free to focus on the myriad of other support functions they provide to the business.
  2. Monitoring and Alerting: Proactively monitoring the overall health and well-being of the video collaboration service could literally take a team of people.  By allowing an experienced partner to take over these time-consuming tasks, potential problems can be avoided before they become issues, and collaboration experts can make recommendations to internal IT staff about configuration changes that can enhance their users’ experience.
  3. Historical Data Collection: Organizations spend a lot of money installing a video collaboration solution, and they often want to know exactly how their system is being used.  They also want to identify any quality-of-service adjustments that should be made to deliver a consistent, high-quality collaborative experience. Having access to historical data gives organizations the answers to these questions, and it helps internal IT teams see trends, identify potential bottlenecks, and proactively resolve issues before they become problems. The Logicalis solution provides the tools and experienced staff to capture and report on that data.
  4. Maintaining External Security: Communicating via video with partners, clients and prospects – and interfacing with their systems and end points – adds an additional layer of complexity to the solution and the security risk this kind of open collaboration might pose to the host organization. To be certain security protocols are followed, it becomes critical to use the right version of key software programs, and it may also be important to monitor the organization’s firewall for unauthorized communication attempts, all part of a thorough managed video collaboration strategy. Also important: Select a managed services provider that can deploy both boundary protection and security incident event management solutions alongside collaboration tools.

Optional Event Support

Imagine your CEO holding a companywide videoconference with hundreds of end points around the globe; how many IT people raise their hands to take responsibility for this real-time event? Large or very important video events – no matter how well the system is running before the event takes place – can cause internal IT teams undo stress and concern, which is why Logicalis has also unveiled a complementary new Service Desk Unified Communications/Videoconference Event Support offering to handle everything from booking the devices and resources for an important video event to reserving bandwidth, capturing real-time quality statistics, having an operator stand by to assist anyone having trouble joining the meeting, and performing advanced troubleshooting on the fly, all of which ensures the solution has all the needed resources to deliver exceptional performance.

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