Logicalis US Gives CIOs Four Reasons to Consider a FlexPod Refresh

Solution Provider Says Increased Performance, Decreased Energy Costs Top the List

NEW YORK, May 2, 2017 – As enterprise organizations work to become the nimble, agile, adaptable workplaces of the future, CIOs and their IT teams are expected to provide a new kind of user experience that delivers increasingly better performance at a reduced cost. This is one of the reasons for IT experts’ early excitement about FlexPod, a long-term data center solution built on a flexible, shared infrastructure that can scale easily and can be used for a variety of mixed application workloads or configured for virtual desktop, server, or secure multi-tenancy cloud environments. While FlexPod delivered much of what IT pros needed as they began their digital transformation journeys, today’s technology takes it even further. That’s why Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (www.us.logicalis.com), suggests that CIOs employing FlexPod solutions consider a refresh to capitalize on the increased performance and decreased energy footprint FlexPod’s move to an all-flash array can provide.

“Beyond faster processors and bigger servers, FlexPod’s new all-flash array can deliver significantly reduced response times and faster application deployment,” says Brad Bailie, Senior Solutions Architect, Logicalis US. “So, while it’s a good idea to assess the health of your FlexPod environment at least every third year of your maintenance contract, the addition of flash today can deliver a new kind of performance and agility previously unheard of, while simultaneously simplifying management and cost.”

Four Reasons to Refresh Your FlexPod Architecture

Logicalis’ Bailie says it’s important to remember that a FlexPod refresh isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition: “For current FlexPod users, everything you have already bought is still valid, but you can add these new capabilities to dramatically increase your performance and decrease your costs.”

  1. More Flexibility: Very few businesses can pinpoint their growth path for the next few years, which means you need an IT environment that can grow and change with you. FlexPod’s new automation capabilities allow IT pros to make significant changes without having to re-architect their entire IT environment, giving you a faster time to market – and thus, a better ROI.
  2. Less Energy: By taking advantage of FlexPod’s new all-flash array, CIOs can literally increase performance and reduce their energy footprint at the same time – particularly important to organizations whose FlexPod is in a co-location facility where they pay for power. How much energy savings can you expect simply by switching from spinning disk to flash? Experts say as much as 76 percent.
  3. Operational Efficiency: When your CEO pushes you to do more with less, a refreshed FlexPod with an all-flash array and new automation capabilities may be the answer. How long does it take you to provision a server now? Days? Weeks? With FlexPod’s new pre-racked, pre-cabled infrastructure and its expanded automation capabilities, it’s now possible to shrink that deployment window to a single hour, and applications that once took months to deploy can now be in use within weeks.
  4. Increased Performance: When you need to do more things faster, an upgraded FlexPod can help you get things done. Imagine a retail or manufacturing environment that runs nightly reports. Before the change to flash, their reports may have taken all night long to generate; with flash, they can be completed in a couple of hours.  In fact, SQL tests have shown as much as 208 percent response time increases, while enterprise application performance can be as much as 20 times faster on an all-flash array. 

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