Logicalis US Says Simplified is the Way Forward for Digital Transformation

Solution Provider Shares Three-Stage Evolution Plan for Enterprise IT Architecture

NEW YORK, December 12, 2017 –  The pace of innovation and changing IT requirements is pressuring CIOs and IT staffs to shed complex, costly and cumbersome IT infrastructures in favor of those that provide greater power, simplicity and efficiency. Rapid application development cycles, along with increasing public and private cloud usage, are driving the use of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). This has resulted in adoption of composable hybrid IT infrastructures that are continually updated in response to enterprise demands. According to data center experts at Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (www.us.logicalis.com), many organizations are experiencing a “legacy lag” due to continued reliance on older technologies that are not as flexible and agile as today’s enterprise requirements. Logicalis experts have detailed a three-stage IT architecture evolution plan for enterprise IT that shows the way forward to digital transformation via simplified and hybrid solutions.

“CIOs are looking to simplify. According to our fifth annual Logicalis Global CIO Survey, complex legacy technology is the chief barrier to digital transformation,” says Brandon Harris, Senior Director HPE Solutions at Logicalis US. “One solution for this challenge is a composable and hybrid infrastructure platform like HPE Synergy that enables IT teams to create an infrastructure on-the-fly by choosing from a pool of provisioned resources which include the HPE Simplivity 380 hyperconverged solution.”

In fact, the Logicalis CIO Survey found that legacy complexity doesn’t just slow down or prevent digital projects, it also prevents refocusing on higher level, strategic activities like digital transformation. A solution like HPE Simplivity’s hyperconverged infrastructure combines compute, storage and networking in addition to traditional IT functions, including WAN optimization, unified global VM-centric management, data protection, cloud integration, primary storage deduplication, backup deduplication, caching, and global scale-out, all in one platform. This greatly reduces management headaches common with legacy systems.

A Three-Stage Evolution Plan for Enterprise IT Architecture

Logicalis experts have identified an evolution plan for enterprise IT architecture that moves away from traditional platforms and dramatically reduces IT management while providing increased power, simplicity and efficiency. 

  1. Legacy Stack. In this first phase, traditional infrastructure elements like server and storage are provided with a basic software virtualization and management layer for control.
  2. Integrated System. In this second phase, taking the legacy stack a step further, pre-integrated server and storage sub-systems share a resource pool but lack the deduplication, compression and optimization that would provide additional agility and control.
  3. Composable Infrastructure. By the third stage, we have a single, shared resource pool that provides the greatest efficiency and increases performance. A composable infrastructure, like HPE Simplivity, includes native deduplication, compression, and optimization for all data, inline and in real-time.

The evolution from converged infrastructure to hyperconverged infrastructure to simplified, composable infrastructure mirrors many organizations’ journeys to becoming more digitally enabled enterprises. At each stage, legacy thinking and processes are shed in favor of greater automation and orchestration.

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